Moving the needle on big outcomes takes time – focused and sustained effort over years.


Each year, OpportunINDY will publish an annual report card – highlights of lessons learned and progress our community is making.  Each report card will be rich with key data.

Look for the first Annual Report Card in early 2017.

Until then,

explore the 2014 Mayor’s Task Force Report , the genesis of OpportunINDY. It’s full of great data, deep inquiry and promising practices from here and around the country. It includes shared wisdom from local leaders and residents that will help anyone in our community with his or her own work and discovery.

visit Baseline Data for a quick understanding of current trends around our Five Big Outcomes.

explore the four focus areas in OpportunINDY’s online Plan of Action for occasional and brief updatesUpdates do not include real-time data, but showcase strategy progress. Progress highlights are also available by signing up for OpportunINDY updates.