We invite you to bring your own strengths, resources, and commitment to the table.

Consider these six opportunities:


1. Provide financial support to OpportunINDY. Support the shared work of our partners who  are stretched thin in every industry as they work alone. Working together we can chip away at changing outcomes for young Black men:

      • Visit our Supporters & Funders page to discover the great company you will keep as a financial supporter.
      • Talk with Dr. Michael Twyman. Learn about investments that would help a work group complete a shared action item and also help your own mission or bottom line.
      • To make a financial contribution, visit the Indiana Black Expo “Donate” page and designate your support to OpportunINDY. Thank you!


2. Explore the four Focus Areas of our Plan of Action.  How might you directly support one partner working on our shared outcomes in its own sphere of influence? Volunteer. Fund. Connect.


3. Contact our Focus Area Leads. How can you help move the agenda of an entire focus area? Time. Talent. Treasure. Even a bit of in-kind support, a new policy or an open door to information could make all the difference on an outcome.


4. Sign up for OpportunINDY updates (below). Remain updated, keep our progress and challenges in mind, share what you know with others — it helps a lot!


5. Make a difference right where you are – at work, home, in your neighborhood, in your place of worship. Consider these ideas: Ask questions. Learn from your own data. Review the stories you tell. Change how or where you conduct business. Review your policies. Think creatively. Engage young Black men in planning, outreach and evaluation. Connect with groups, organizations or businesses you wouldn’t normally work with.


6. Most importantly, mentor. No matter your age, stage, position or ethnicity, there is a young Black man who welcomes your counsel, your listening ear, your constant presence, your encouragement. It doesn’t take a degree or special training to actively care. You can start doing that today!