A few notes to help with exploring the web-based version of the OpportunINDY Plan of Action


  1. The Plan of Action is no longer printable. As an intended workplan, it will undergo regular updates and changes. A web version allows the community to see those updates and changes.
  2. Just like the printed version, the web version includes an “Introduction” subpage.
  3. Just like the printed version, the web version is divided into four sectionsfour focus areas. Just like the printed version, each focus area has its own plan.
  4. Unlike the print version, the web version does not include deep detail in terms of each “action” and does not drill down into “tasks.”
  5. Rest assured, while separate, the four focus area plans work in concert. Explore the website further to learn how.


As you explore each focus area plan, you will find the following:

  • the names of Leads and Strategy Chairs as they are finalized
  • the names of Partners as they are finalized
  • current strategies and actions
  • a list of FIVE BIG OUTCOMES addressed through strategies
  • a list of strategy performance measures a strategy group is tracking
  • data and other summarized research that informed the focus area plan
  • open data sources that may help visitors or grantmakers with data-driven decisions, re-alignment or planning of their own
  • links to related (evaluated) promising practices, what works repositories or national news of interest


We invite you to start with the Plan of Action Introduction  It pulls all four focus areas together, outlines how our work coalesces with other community efforts and shares a few important things every one of us can do to improve outcomes for young African American men in our community.