A Culture of Inclusion

In Collective Impact efforts across the country, dozens (or hundreds) of partners work alongside each other to move the needle on stubborn outcomes. It is a different way of doing business. It requires significant organization and intentional adjustment. It is inclusive.

OpportunINDY is no different. Its structure is adapted from other successful Collective Impact communities. It is inclusive by the nature of its structure, written expectations and the wide net from which Partners are drawn.

That said, there are certainly limits to how many Partners can physically work together over time and complete time-sensitive tasks.

 Our culture of inclusion goes beyond the work we are able to accomplish as a team.

It recognizes the extraordinary energy and commitment of others working toward the same goal — that all young Black men in Indianapolis are well-educated, have good jobs they enjoy, are safe from violence and, if detained, continue to work toward a positive life that comes with second chances. Many local heroes have been working for decades.

These professionals, volunteers and neighbors may not sit at the OpportunINDY table, but are everyday champions – teachers, community organizers, guidance counselors, policy advocates working to reduce disparities, religious leaders, health workers in neighborhood clinics, police officers, parole officers, social workers, parents and guardians, youth workers, business owners who take a risk on a young man whose never held a job before or a landlord willing to house a man returning home after detainment.

Their efforts matter. OpportunINDY acknowledges their concern, resolve, hope. And, continued good work.