Four Conditions

Across Marion County, leaders, systems, institutions, the media, neighbors and young Black men need to believe and experience that the following four conditions are possible. And, the norm.


Indianapolis is a community where all young Black men ages 14 to 24 are…..

  • graduated from high school on time and enter the workforce with an industry certification, enter the military and/or complete other post-secondary education
  • prepared for success in the workforce and are gainfully employed in career-track work after completion of education
  • free from arrest, detainment and incarceration
  • safe and healthy


The collective work of OpportunINDY includes strategies and actions that address each condition. Each condition is called a “focus area.” As expected, many OpportuINDY strategies and actions cross over focus areas.

Monitoring Change

To help track micro-changes on these conditions, OpportunINDY created dozens of strategy performance measures. Each Partner tracks his or her own effort on performance measures that make sense for the work each does. And, Partners share this data with one another. As Partners improve their ability to move the needle on strategy performance measures, so should conditions improve.

But, the number of OpportunINDY strategy performance measures can be daunting. And require a great deal of risk-taking between Partners. Experimenting, trying, failing, adjusting month-by-month.

Therefore, as Partners share drilled-down data with each other, OpportunINDY invites the entire community to focus its attention on what are ultimately the most important numbers to monitor — the direction of FIVE BIG OUTCOMES that will most substantively impact conditions for young Black men in Marion County. As each heads in the right direction, the four conditions will blossom.

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We track these outcomes. We monitor maps. And, each year, OpportunINDY will provide an annual report card to the Marion County community. The annual report card answers this question: Are these five big outcomes for young African American men in Indianapolis improving or worsening?  If worsening, we return to our indicators and actions, making immediate changes.

What can you do to improve these FIVE BIG OUTCOMES in your own circle of influence? We invite you to share your progress with us!