What is an OpportunINDY Partner?


Each person serving in an official role with OpportunINDY’s Plan of Action is called a “Partner.” Each Partner serves in just one of several possible roles. Visit Our Structure for an illustration of all roles.  In some cases, several Partners hail from the same organization, government entity or business. This is most typically true with large, local institutions that have specific, in-house expertise in different departments.


Additional Information Regarding OpportunINDY Partners:


Each Partner agrees to a core set of expectations.  Each specific role also has its own set of expectations.

The most important agreement among all Partners is a commitment toward the five pillars or conditions of collective impact.

The list of Partners will grow. And, change over time.


Partners carve out time to serve in this role– each to his or her own capacity and interest. Please thank them. They are dedicated to supporting positive, safe and productive lives for all young Black men in Indianapolis. And, they are going the extra mile.


PLEASE NOTE: Organizations and individuals working specifically with Opportunity Zone  or on My Brother’s Keeper initiatives are not required to sign a Partner agreement. Their work complements and supports, but is not included in, the Plan of Action.